the new uniForm project


The aim of the new uniForm project is to bring structure with sophisticated style and comfort to the image of a business. Designer Lois Samuels creates transitional looks that are suitable for any work environment yet compatible with ones own style and stage at any moment in time. Instead of seeing the garment as a ‘typical’ uniform we see it as simply beautiful and well constructed clothing.

Textiles play a critical role in creating functional garments for uniforms and we combine fashion with innovative designs to support a variety of job functions within the workplace. We use fabrics of the highest quality, whether in light weight wools, cottons or poly blends and keep in mind the fabrics breathability, reaction to long work hours and overall durability.

We take the time to understand your brand, your people and your vision and strive to offer a cost effective combination of styles that can be custom made or selected from a range of our styles. Reach out to us so we may help you.

"Uniforms are a key part of the design element. When a client or customer enters an establishment, they should think every aspect of the design from the decor to the last stitch of the attire was thoroughly thought through.” Lois Samuels



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